Chinese Military and Alien Abduction

I recently read an excellent website which compelled me to write to the author the first written account of my experience. I wish to share my experience on these boards.

The guy’s website is as follows:

I read your website about fake alien abductions and felt compelled to write to you detailing my experiences. I live in South Wales in Caldicot and since 1997 have had a major involvment with my local psychiatric services. I believe that I am a shaman and have had some very unexplainable experiences happen to me on a mental and spiritual level.

On 31st March this year I was admitted under section 3 of the British mental Health Act to a local mental hospital where I was forcibly treated for twelve weeks. This was the seventh time I have been forcibly detained and treated. A couple of days prior to my admission I found an unexplainable brown blob in my hamster’s cage and decided to evacuate my vicinity. I fled into the local countryside and following the route of a local Roman wall I sent a telepathic message for help, specifically directed to the Chinese government who I believed would be most suitably equipped to deal with the ecological disaster I believed was looming in my local area. I had been studying the Chinese language at a local university during the previous six months. I ended up on a hill in some woodland right on the edge of a ‘now disused’ US army base, located in the next village, Caerwent. I lay on the forest floor and calmed myself down. I had been at a jog to reach the spot and was fairly distressed. There was a light drizzle and the weather was cold. It was approximately 4pm. When I arose from my lay down a sphinx-like artificial bright yellow light appeared just down the hill from where I was in the direction of the nearby house. I moved up the hill away from the light. I say sphinx-like as the yellow image seemed to have a humanoid head and was elongated. Towards the top of the hill and there were plenty of brambles. As I reached the top and continued moving a dark figure suddenly appeared and a metal military type fence was closed on me thus blocking my way. I froze and all of a sudden it seemed as though I was surrounded by a multitude of hidden people, threatening me. I panicked, realising the close proximity of the nearby military base and thought as though I had somehow strayed into a military area. In my ascent to the area I had deliberately avoided crossing into what |I was sure was a military zone as they tend to be fenced off areas. I felt surrounded and it was as though despite my diagnosed schizophrenia containing never any voicelike symptoms, that messages of threat were being issued to me by British or American military personnel. I felt that perhaps I was in the line of sight of some weapons and that my life was in immediate danger I started shouting out protesting my innocence and gave some personal information, detailing my name and address. I felt that if, even though I was in a remote area, some members of the public happened to be passing at least I would be heard and some one might perhaps come to my aid. All of a sudden there was a rustling in the brambles the other side of the gate and a group of Chinese soldiers appeared and surrounded me. It was as though my telepathic message had been received and that they had turned up to rescue me. I welcomed the man crouching next to me who I presumed was an interpreter and said ‘ Ni Hao’ and a man who I believed was the commanding officer appeared and seemed to recognise my greeting although there was no verbal response. It remained eerily silent. It was at this point that I recognised in the sky emerging from the direction from which I had proceeded some moving red lights. The light was fading and dusk was upon us. These red lights appeared to be winglike creatures and they were headed slowly in my direction, as I sat crouched in the brambles surrounded by Chinese soldiers. It was as though we were under attack from an alien force. As the flying red ‘dragonlike’ creatures proceeded from the sky towards me the surrounding soldiers (dressed in plain military uniforms) came closer to me. As the red lights hovered closer the soldiers gripped onto me by what I initially thought were bramble twigs but were actually inwardly curved metallic spindles. It was as though they were exploring my lower body, in particular my legs. I could hardly move in the brambles and it was though we were all anticipating the danger of the approaching red lights. It was a truly helpless situation. One of the Chinese officers indicated to the bible I had in my pocket and asked to see it. I drew it out and said ‘oh it’s just a bible’. It was a random event but seemed to confirm to me the eerily silent human presence. The intensity of the spindles on my body increased to an uncomfortable extent as the red lights reached a climax above me and as they hovered directly overhead it was as though chaos ensued and it apppeared as though despite being firmly lodged in the thick bramble I was hovering with the surrounding soldiers. i finally moved up through the brambles until I was the other side of the closed gate. Eventually as darkness reigned the red lights stopped approaching and seemed to disperse. It was about 9.30pm. The surrounding soldiers moved away and the commanding officer apprroached me once more. I said that it was time to go and it appeared that he wanted me to schedule a meeting with him for noon the next day. He seemed to reassure me. I bid my farewell and scared stiff I moved back down the hill in the direction whence I had came. The sphinxlike light was no longer shining but the sides of the path had soldiers encamped on both sides. The soldiers however were no longer humans but were, as I passed further down the hill, like skeltons. Their torsoes were glowing and I could not see their feet. It was as though they were hovering. There was a stream at the bottom of the hill and it seemed as though these semi luminescent beings were involved in a hive of activity. I could hardly see where I was going due to the lack of light and almost fell down the banks of the stream. I moved rapidly away from the area although it felt once again that threats were being issued to me though my fear had decreased and I doubted the ability of these humanoids to do me harm. As I got back onto the road I quickened my pace and the density of beings decreased although they seemed to be dangling, hovering still from the surrounding trees. I moved rapidly away from the area and as I crossed the main road heading back into Caerwent village all foreign bodied activity and bizarreness appeared to cease. I came to a local pub and with the pound I found in my pocket popped in and ordered a single cigar to calm me down and assume some normality. I tried hitching a lift home to no avail and then finally walked the remaining couple of miles to get back into my flat at about midnight where I was glad to be reunited with my girlfriend. Over the next couple of days I struggled to deal with the night’s events and after ejecting a community nurse from my home they forcibly detained me in hospital.

My recollection of the nights events hasn’t diminished and it was truly a life changing experience. I seek explanation and although the event fits nicely into an alien abduction scenario I am more sceptical and due to the close proximity of the army base I believe that there is some special weapons and military involvment in my case.

Reading your website has enlightened me and provided me with some comfort in knowing that some of my experiences perhaps do have a logical explanation.


Wesley Gerrard.