Delusion Of Grandeur – #DoG Che Guevara Week 1 08/10/2011

I suppose that this section is just asking for trouble.

Well – Wez G has been diagnosed as a delusion and the court case was lost based on the evidence (MHRT a couple of months back) so I have no real alternative now that my identity has been officially hijacked, than to be other people. So, based on a real story which did hurt a little… My first DoG, for this week will be ‘Che Guevara….

A few years ago I was studying a Spanish class at University and for language classes you sometimes have to do oral presentations on a  topic. My partner and I chose to do one on the Cuban Revolution. I’d been reading the War Diaries after picking them up in HMV around the time the big Che Film came out. We had some fun and I got to wear a nice beret and it was a bit of a giggle. Shortly when term finished I was sectionned and detained and wasn’t let out to restart all my courses (for about the fifth time in UK university system)

Anyway, full of revolutionary zeal, I believe I’m Che because he was a DJ who was also a revolutionary and I guess that the launch week of End Of Terror has got to me a bit… and I had a Swedish pair of Che socks once too. I dunno – bit grandiose .- I hope my illness can be cured by all the meds this week and that it goes away – but as mental illness is all incurable I’m sure it will return in time for next Saturday’s DoG.

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