Introduction to Krakatoa Trade

72 hours ago I opened a random email which at first I thought was just spam. It introduced me to Binary Trading. Binary Options Trading is a simple means of gambling on the stock market. You place simple bets over set expiry times for prices of a certain stock / currency pair / exchange to either rise (Call) or fall (Put). I did some basic research and within an hour or so began trading. I have thoroughly enjoyed the past three days and being a bit of an internet junkie, I decided to set up a blog-based website to record my activities. The aim of Krakatoa Trade is to provide me a diary of what I’ve been up to as I learn this new line of work. Also, I felt I would open it up to the public, to maybe educate and help people who might use this form of trading to line their own pockets. I’m sure it will be an adventure whatever the outcome. Your feedback is encouraged and any help you may be able to offer me in my quest for financial success would be very much obliged. Thanks. Enjoy Krakatoa Trade!

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