Kylie’s Groovy!

Being a DJ, it’s all about getting the right vinyl. The party toonage, to deliver happiness. The joy of social networking meant that me old matey (and top DJ) Dean Nightingale, pointed me to a shedload of old vinyl going for cheap on ebay. I got about 20 records for £12. Most of them were naff, but an interesting little track popped up. I must admit, I wasn’t thrilled to see a Kylie Minogue record in the pile, but on banging it on the decks, I was loving it. One of my favourite old skool tunes. Yes – it’s cheezy, but it’s also full of energy and nice Italian piano riffs. Takes me back to the party days when the ecstasy was proper and dancefloors truly rocked. Check out the Youtube above and set your living rooms ablaze with gurns and strange robotic movements… I’m doing a podcast later in the week so I’ll slam it on there… And of course – make sure you catch Wez G playing a load of classics at The Tippling, Caldicot for Journeys Through House on April 11th.

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