Shuffle Radio

This weekend saw Shuffle radio launch. It is a new service which will hopefully eventually run 24-7 with some of the shows being live – basically whenever I’m awake and on the computer you’ll be able to message me and I can do shoutouts, requests etc. The show aims to have a primarily house music base, though at the moment as most of my records aren’t yet digital the tunes range from sixties (doors, jefferson airplane) to cool tracks from eightites and present day. The station is open to advertising so if you want to send me any 30s – 1min audio mp3 adverts I will include them for you. Mail to Once we are established the show schedule should stabilise a little. We aim to be inviting lots of quality guest djs from around the world. SUpport us now, help us grow aqnd we can guarantee you that we will improve and provide you with he best online music experience…

Over and out!

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