Taliban House

Shuffle are always at the cutting edge of house music. Here we have created a new genre ‘Taliban House’. My boss who sidelines in tech warfare is off to Afghanistan on a sortie in a couple of weeks so I thought I’d prepare him for the trip and give him something to play in the helicopters and humvees. He’s been blown up four times in Iraq and I know Afghanistan is pretty damn dangerous so I thought I’d prepare him properly with a fired up mix. During the first gulf war, Iraqi troops at the front line were tortured with incredibly loud renditions of Bruce Springsteen – Born in the USA. I’m hoping that the Wez G Taliban House will go down a bit better with the enemy and maybe help bring peace to the region. They might lay down their arms and get grooving in the caves. Who knows? It’s worth a try. Look out for a Wez G Shuffle gig at Bagram Army base in the very near future…


  1. Jim Morrison – To Come of Age [Elektra]
  2. The Disco Evangelists – De Niro (The Journey – 93 E.Q.) [Positiva]
  3. Fluke – Atom Bomb (Atomix 3) [Virgin]
  4. The Chemical Brothers – Galvanise [Virgin]
  5. Thievery Corporation – Warning Shots [ESL Music]
  6. Indeep – Last Night a DJ Saved my Life [Becket Records]
  7. Black Box – Ride on Time (Original 12” Mix) [S12]
  8. Adamski – Killer [P&C]
  9. Meeker – Save Me (Futureshock Mix) [Underwater]
  10. Superchumbo – The Revolution (Volta Vocal Mix) [Twisted]
  11. David Guetta feat JD Davis– The World is Mine (Deep Dish Remix) [Virgin]
  12. Ladytron – You Destroy Everything You Touch (Sasha Invol2ver Mix) [White]
  13. The Doors – This is The End (Dirty South Mix) [White]
  14. Trafik – Surrender (Trafik’s No Retreat No Surrender Mix) [Global Underground]
  15. Slacker – Scared (The Lonely Traveller) [Loaded]
  16. Lost – Final Faze Mix [White]
  17. Dee Patten – Who’s the Bad Man (Sound System Mix) [Hard Hands]
  18. 2 Bad Mice – Bombscare (Original Mix) [Moshed]
  19. The Doors – The End [Elektra]

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