With the app being launched yesterday I thought I’d shed some light on why this 4 part ‘Desperate Houseflies’ documentary is included in the video section.

Well – I’m jointpop’s manager. They are part of the http://shuffleartistmanagement.com project. It’s not all house music with Wez G and jointpop and I sort of fell into each other’s hands. I dig a bit of Rock n Roll with The Doors being my favourite alltime band… Anyway – jointpop is all about Rock, Trini style… There is something magical about this band…. Just check out their stuff – support them – get some albums on itunes or amazon, whatever….  

This 4 part video is well worth watching if you are into music of any genre… Just watch it… The Caribbean atmosphere, the adventure of recording an album… the Rock n Roll feeling encapsulated by the band interacting on their sonic journey… This video shows why I want to be involved with jointpop. They are dedicated to music, their cause. They have a passion about music that only serious artists truly understand. 

Watch and Enjoy!

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