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Some of the Music Collections that you might enjoy are Vine Line, Wez G Sessions, Shuffle Radio Show, Wez G Chillout, Wez G DJ Sets, Wez G Vinyl, Seasonal Selection, Wez G Traktor, Wez G Production, Wez G Drum and Bass, #EoTVibe, Wez G Foreign Language Podcasts – I have a page of some of the best Wez G music on Wez G Showcase if you want a quick sample of the vast amount of music material on this website.

enter into a world of perpetual delight…

I have a few other websites related to other areas of interest and work: Dragon Translate, WezGWorld, End Of Terror, Hearthis.at, Four Four Cyber, Wez G Books

I’ve started to transfer a load of event photos and videos from nights out clubbing I have been on and you can visit this in the Wez G Out Clubbing section of the website.

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Wez G is a DJ since 1995

Wez G is a founder member of Shuffle.
The Set Sail with Shuffle parties have gained legendary status as events.

Clubs in the UK that Wez G has played include Ministry of Sound, Velvet Underground, The Cross, Lakota, Chuff Chuff, Miss Moneypennys, The Gardening Club, Plastic People, Sound Republic, Emporium, Bonds, Legends, GloBar, Lost Weekend, Cafe Blue, Brunel Rooms, V3, The Cotton Club, London Zoo, Turnmills.
Wez G has performed around the world in Sweden, Tahiti and New Zealand.

Wez G has worked alongside many leading DJs such as Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling, Nicky Holloway, Jim ‘Shaft ‘ Ryan, Judge Jules, John Kelly, Norman Jay, Sister Bliss, Mark Moore, Sonique, Angel, Tom & Jerry Bouthier, Pete Tong, Tony deVit, Jeremy Healey, Al Mackenzie, K-Klass, Utah Saints, Altern-8, Lisa Loud, DJ Nibc,Norris da Boss Windross, Adrian & Mark Luvdup, Anthony Pappa, Andrew Galea and Chris Coco.

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