DJ Mix 017 Camembert

Camembert is made from unpasteurised cow’s milk, and is ripened by the moulds Penicillium candida and Penicillium camemberti for at least three weeks. It is produced in small rounds, about 350 grams (.55 lb) in weight, which are then typically wrapped in paper and packaged in thin wooden boxes. When fresh, it is quite crumbly and relatively hard, but characteristically ripens and becomes softer and strongly flavoured as it ages.


  1. Thugfucker – Knightrider [Reykjavik Massive Music]
  2. M83 – Coleurs (Sasha Invol2ver Mix) [White]
  3. Depeche Mode – Only When I Lose Myself (Lexicon Avenue Mix) [White]
  4. Josh Wink – Jus’ Right [Ovum]
  5. Joey Negro – Make a Move on Me (Soul Avengerz Remix) [Hed Kandi]
  6. Fabio Gianelli – Trinidad e Tobago [Thirtyonetwenty]
  7. Josh Wink – What used to be called used to be [Ovum]
  8. Noir – My MTV (The Dolphins Remix) [Toolroom Records]
  9. Dire Straits – Flashing for Money (Deep Dish mix) [White]
  10. Yoshimoto – Do What U Do (Markus Shulz Remix) [iO Music]
  11. Underground Sound of Lisbon – So Get Up (Phunk Investigation Turbolento Mix) [Twisted]

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