DJ Mix 014 Fire And Brimstone

A boiling hot mix of upfront house with an electro feel and plenty of reedits of old classics. Showering hellfire!


  1. Faze Action – In the Trees [NRK]
  2. Ladytron – Destroy Everything you Touch (Sasha Invol2ver Remix) [White]
  3. Orbital – Belfast (Deadmau5 mix) [White]
  4. The Prodigy – Everybody in the Place (Deadmau5 mix) [White]
  5. Dumb Dan v Gary Numan – Are Friends Electro? [White]
  6. LFO – LFO (The Leeds Warehouse Mix) [NRK]
  7. Nick Muir – Ain’t Nobody [White]
  8. Eddie ‘Flashin’ Folkes – Let us Pray [NRK]
  9. Eddy Cabrera vs Thomas Gold – Losing My Religion [Nero Recordings]
  10. Dom Almond feat. Vanessa – Shake it (Philipe De Boyar Remix) [Global Underground]
  11. Sasha – Three Little Piggys [EmFire]
  12. A.S.H.A. – Ball and Chain (Glenn Morrison & Bruce Aisher mix) [Ego]
  13. Pizzaman – Trippin on Sunshine (California Sunshine Mix) [Loaded]

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