DJ Mix 047 Little Disco Biscuit

The best time for dance music in my opinion was the early 1990s. It was the heyday of the Rave Scene and dancefloors were packed with sky high dancing bods. The reason I like this period is not that the floors were filled with ecstasy takers, but that the music was at its peak. Dubby loops of bass and funk with a constant circular rhythm in the tents and clubs drove the E’d up crowd into a frenzy. The beats suited the experience of everyone – It was total unity and I think that over the years as the government has killed off the scene with various parliamentary acts (eg Criminal Justice Act 1994) and the total media frenzied attack on ecstasy, claiming it killed you, and the general shift towards commercialism and business, moved the music towards a different direction. Of course, post 1997 – even the dealers were selling ketamine and calling it ecstasy…It’s as if the disco biscuits disappeared overnight. I think on the music front the DJs forgot the buzz which caused the whole vibe and we saw a scattering of genres and pigeonholing and musical snobbery… Well – a couple of decades on from that and digging about on Beatport, I noticed a trend back towards the old style music. Loops of bass hooks and that driving groove have reappeared. It’s that old Italian sound which is so inspiring. Now most of it seems to be categorised as techno or deep house… but it seems the same old stuff that DJs from Laurent Garnier to Easygroove, from Carl Cox to Sasha, all used to bang out.

In this mix I’ve cut up a few old tracks with the new flavours plus slipped in a special edit from a live Universe Rave that took place only a few miles away from me in Magor in South Wales in the summer of 1992…

In the news recently there have been claims that Ecstasy cures cancer 100% guaranteed so maybe the pop idol generation will be ditching X-Factor, slipping on their shiny shirts and getting back to a diet of disco biscuits… Who knows? As long as good music thrives and Simon Cowell goes bankrupt I don’t mind one little bit.


  1. Vangelis – Blush Response [East West]
  2. Joe T Vannelli – Prelude (Scalambrin & Sicily Island Style Remix) [Le Bien Et Le Mal Recordings]
  3. Larse – For Real (Original Mix) [Noir Music]
  4. Alain Ho – Into A Deep (Hot Toddy Remix) [The Exquisite Pain Recordings]
  5. Brigante, Ali Love, Luca C – Different Morals (Original Mix) [Southern Fried Records]
  6. Alexis Raphael – Kitchens and Bedrooms (Richy Ahmed vs Volante Mix) [Lower East]
  7. Ribn – Save Me (Vocal Version) [Mild Pitch]
  8. Pig & Dan – The Path (Original Mix) [Balushi]
  9. Mark Henning, Den – Sin City (Original Mix) [Soma Records]
  10. Brooklyn Friends, Satoshi Tomiie, David Morales – Obedience (Original Mix) [Nite Grooves]
  11. Rhymos – Ivory (Original Mix) [Sintope Digital]
  12. Nush – Nush (Sasha & MC Joe Peng Universe 1992 Excerpt) [White]
  13. Audiojack – Mind Games (Original Mix) [Gruuv]
  14. Nathan Barato – Sex (Bubba Adults Only Remix) [Roots And Wings Music]
  15. Gregor Tresher – Lights From The Inside (Dosem Remix) [Break New Soil Recordings]
  16. Jody Wisternoff – Vintage (Original Mix) [Anjunadeep]
  17. Dilemma – In Spirit (Biff ‘n’ Memphis Mix) [FFRR}
  18. Vangelis – Blush Response [East West]

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