DJ Mix 006 Seeking Salvation

Vision: In a bleak desert. Sand swirling. Wind churning. A city beckons. It is vast, black, towering. It lies near to the edge of the desert and seems to be calling me in. What does it mean? Is this civilisation? This journey takes you through temptation on the road to salvation. Do we need to resist the civilisation that calls? Is this the electronic cyberworld of the future? Is it the destiny of man or do we stay in the wild desert away from the terrors of this unknown world?


1. Gus Gus – Believe (16B Remix) [White]
2. Trentemoller & DJ Tom – An Evening with Bobi Bros [Global Underground]
3. M People – How Can I Love You More? (Sasha’s Ambient dub) [Deconstruction]
4. Ösgür Can – Weightless [Plastica Red]
5. Ralph Rosario – Brinca Pt.3 (Eric Entrena Vs David Amo & Julio Navas remix) [Tweek’d Records]
6. Paul Van Dyk – For an Angel (Ashtrax remix) [Deviant]
7. Deadmau5 – Vanishing Point [Play Records]
8. Phonique – 99 & A Half feat. Alexander East (I:Cube Remix Sasha Live Ableton Version) [Global Underground]
9. Sun & Fyzo presents Tribal from Lithuania – Tarabanda [Tribo Recordings]
10. Grace – I Want to Live (Rollo & Sister Bliss Big Mix) [Perfecto]
11. David Guetta feat. JD Davis – The World is Mine (F**K Me I’m famous remix) [Virgin]
12. Bang – Leave me Alone (Full Vox mix) [Plastica]
13. Lost – Final Faze [Lost]
14. DJ Nibc feat. Karime Kendra – Deliverance (Tyken Järntorget Electro Remix) [Trunkfunk Records]
15. Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus (Timo Maas remix)

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