Remote Desert Runway

DJ Mix 064 Remote Desert Runway

Lost in the sky, traversing the globe, a record box in the baggage hold high above you; an air steward whinges about the weight of your records and forces you to shift your hand luggage to a safer place. While you’re getting a ticking off from some jumped up trolley dolly the moved weight of a damn heavy UDG bag tilts the plane and the pilot comes running down the aisle and gives the jumped up service shark a good telling off, as by shifting the DJ’s luggage, he has tilted the plane off course…. All we can hope for now is an emergency landing patch to develop…. deep in the desert the pilot spots a Remote Desert Runway and all are safe and sound as the plane touches down back onto Mother Earth. (Gaia)


  1. Bent – Comin Back (Serge Santiago Dub) [Open]
  2. Wave Crushers – Gettin’ Funky (Deepwerk’s Spoken Word Edit) [Aux Audio]
  3. Bonobo – Eyesdown (Sasha Remix) [Last Night On Earth]
  4. Inner City, Kevin Saunderson – Big Fun (Zoo Brazil Remix) [KMS Records]
  5. Feu d’Or – Chasin Joe (Jody Wisternoff Remix) [Compiled & Mixed]
  6. Dirt Crew, Miky Talarico – Use Your Room (Original Mix) [Takos Records]
  7. Andre Crom – Hanging On (Original Mix) [Teenage Mutants Off Recordings]
  8. DJ Kira, Syberia – Karin (Maurizio Patti Remix) [Big Mama’s House Records]
  9. Elekfantz – Diggin’ On You (Original Mix) [D.O.C.]
  10. LouLou Players, Kolombo – Touch Ur Body (Original Mix) [Bunny Tiger]
  11. Nora En Pure – Come With Me (Original Mix) [Enormous Tunes]
  12. Sharam Jey, Night Talk – Gonna Get You (Original Mix) [Bunny Tiger]
  13. Stefano Amalfi, Robbie Groove – Dirty (Original Mix) [Sound Division]
  14. Mark Lower – The Way That I Feel (Original Mix) [Nurvous Records]
  15. Keep Shelly In Athens – Our Own Dream (Sasha Remix) [Last Night On Earth]

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