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Well, I’ve hit a real milestone here. 100000 plays of my material on Soundcloud. I’ve been on there from the start and have seen this site grow into probably the most influential music site in the world.

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I’ve been approaching this figure for a while and thought it apt to do a little celebration post. Years ago, when I did lot of live sets in some big clubs and indeed smaller venues, I never usually played to more than 1000 people in the same room. The internet revolution has changed the music industry. I am totally amazed that it has give me the chance to showcase my material to such a vast number of worldwide listeners. FOr sure, I’m not at the top of the pile for number of listeners – bigger DJs get 100000 plays on an individual track over the course of a week – but for little ole me – 100000 is a nice figure. In addition to my personal page, I run several group son Soundcloud, the most notable ones being the Shuffle DJ Mixes group (22700 DJ Mixes) and also the Wales Soundcloud which showcases all forms of music across my adopted homeland. I’ve met lots of people through Soundcloud and it gives me great encouragement as an artist to be able to get feedback from fans and listeners.

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I’ve noticed some changes in Soundcloud as it’s grown. There is currently a bit of a trend against DJs on there and they are turning in their droves to other services such as Mixcloud. But Soundcloud is where the listeners tend to be (On my Mixcloud I only have 1000 plays and am keen to build up an audience there as well. ). Across my own website I use Soundcloud embeds to play the music. It is a truly versatile service and I hope it continues to grow so that my audience can continue expanding. Total global domination is a real possibility! Let’s see how soon I can get to a million listeners! Please help out and keep spreading the love!

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