D:Ream – All Things To All Men (Wez G Journeyman Remix)

D:Ream - In Memory Of
D:Ream - In Memory Of

FREE REMIX AVAILABLE HERE: http://soundcloud.com/wezg/d-ream-all-things-to-all-men

D:Ream are one of my favourite alltime bands so I loved doing the remix… The Sasha Remix of D:Ream – U R The Best Thing is in my top ten tracks and I believe was a high point of Sasha’s early career so I understand how important doing a remix for D:Ream can be.

There was a lot of material to work with here. This is an epic version but the original mix of this song is over 9 minutes in length. I was advised to trim my version down but couldn’t bring myself to make any cuts. In the days of non-smoking clubs – it’s an ideal track for a DJ to slam on if he wants a quick ciggie…

Original Radio Edit video of All Things To All Men can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGQTd2DiHMs

Remixed by Wez G @ Shuffle Studios, Caldicot http://djwezg.com

This was originally for a competition and I have Al MacKenzie from D:Ream’s permission to redistribute it as a free release – If you’d prefer a copy in wav format http://soundcloud.com/wezg/promo-d-ream

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