Getting excited about Tricia!!!

As this blog progresses you’ll get to learn more about Shuffle and what exactly we do. It isn’t always very clear, even to me, and I’ve been running Shuffle since 1995. Anyway, 2008 sees the year where we are focussing a lot of our energy on Shuffle artist management. One of the gems we deal with here is Tricia Lee Kelshall.

Tricia is a Trinidadian singer who currently resides in Texas, USA. Her initial steps to stardom were with Soca band, Second Imij. Following that Tricia did two world tours with the Stereo MCs, an awesome band , I’m sure you’ll agree.

Tricia’s entrance to the house music scene involved a collaberation with Bristol best house music band, Way Out West. Mindcircus was a massive hit for them and the icing on the cake to their Intensify album. Tricia went on to tour the world with Way Out West before settling down with her new husband and starting a family.

Tricia is now back on the scene. And all shuffled up! We’re pleased to be working with such class and have been focussing on ensuring that Tricia will be working alongside some of the best producers and remixers in the industry for future releases. There is a new myspace for Tricia here…

There will be forthcoming projects, i’m pleased to say, and the reason I’m all excited today is that I’ve had a sneak preview of some of the forthcoming work. All I can say is that you can expect 2008 to be a good year for Tricia. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she doesn’t release one of the house music hits of the year and that isn’t just blind pride and bias talking. I am an experienced DJ and assure you that there is some good stuff on its way… I obviously can’t say too much on the detail at the moment until releases are confirmed but I will release public information through the Shuffle websites as soon as possible. SO Stay Tuned and we look forward to giving you aural pleasure!

Here is Mindcircus by Way Out West featuring Tricia Lee Kelshall

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