Last fm – What a great place to hang out!

I’ve been spending the afternoon chilling on, listening to some really great music. For those of you that aren’t yet aware, lastfm is the latest craze and is a very futuristic music site. it can be linked to current social networking applications like myspace, facebook and indeed here…. There are lots of interesting features to the site… the main point is that it gets good music to you and is very much consumer orientated as well as being most excellent for artists. If you sign up there please be sure to search for Wez G.

One of the interesting features of this revolutionary site is the charts it generates. it scrobbles all the music you play through your computer and then produces charts and generates neighbours with similar tastes. I’ve benn on the site a couple of months now and here is my overall listening chart to date. As you see, i listen to far too much ABBA and Madonna to pass myself off as a credible house music DJ! It can be embarrassing but it’s fun! Just try it out and then I can tell when you’ve been listening to Boyzone…

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