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I was thrilled to discover a new social website for DJs. measures the ranking of DJs across the globe according to their fanbase on the internet. They formulate a score for each DJ according to his or her facebook, twitter, soundcloud, myspace, youtube and rankings. The charts can be broken down according to country, genre and individual social network. My new page there which shows my results is here.

As you can see my current rankings are:

Ranked 1155 in the World
Ranked 268 in the UK
Ranked 311 in House
Ranked 60 in Chill Out
Ranked 4938 Facebook
Ranked 197 Twitter
Ranked 1540 Soundcloud
Ranked 5045 Youtube
Myspace rankings as yet unavailable
Ranked 3187

I was quite chuffed with my overall scores. I’ll probably be boosted up a few spaces when my myspace score is included. I need to work on a few areas, like building up my Facebook Fanpage and also my Youtube subscribers. I’m going to keep track of my progress on this site. I think it’s a really useful tool and it’s also a great way of discovering new music and finding out what’s truly going on in the scene.

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