Official Wez G website is revamped and relaunched

I spent a hectic three days at the end of last week rebuilding my main website. The old one looked rather dated and was a bit of a nightmare to update. It didn’t perform particularly well SEO wise and was clunky and slow to load. I decided to abandon the use of html and css and transfer the new site to a streamlined wordpress format. I used what data I could from the old site and tried to emphasise my music in the new one, with it heavily drawing from my rather active Soundcloud account. In the new site, photos and videos are available, there is a portfolio section, lots of music, categorised by type (DJ Sets, production, remixes) and genre (house, chillout, drum & bass). I encourage website viewers to participate with me on the social networks, with lots of twitter and facebook boxes and share buttons and also links to the many social networks available. The blog section has allowed me to combine my previous wordpress news blog with my old google blogger one and I might even drag in all the tumblr posts I’ve done too. I plan to post new blogs primarily directly in the site so my other blogs (including this one) are likely to become a bit neglected. Fans of the new website can sign up for updates via email. All in all, I’m satisfied with the work and the new site is looking rather sparkly. I hope you take the time to check it out

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