Review: Maori Myths and Legendary Tales – by A.W.Reed

My mother is from New Zealand so therefore I’m half Kiwi. This book explores some of the Maori Myths and legends that existed mainly in oral tradition before the arrival to Aeteorora of the White European Pakeha settlers. The Maori history goes back to their ancient homes in other Polynesian Islands. The Maori heroes include Mataoroa, Niwareka, Maui, Tawhaki, Rupe, Rata and Tinirau. There are mythical romances often centred around the Whare and involving mythical creatures, whales and birds. Lots of Maori canoes and journeys to the heavens. The sacredness of nature in Maori folklore is evident plus the tales demonstrate a civilised morality. I found the stories very quaint and readable and it deepened my understanding of Maori culture and therefore New Zealand. Highly recommend.

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