Spaceman Funk

I have visions of space. In my dreams I see other worlds, worlds where club music thrives. Worlds where new technologies abide and beats manifest to deliver the ultimate party to the thronging masses. As I deliver these mixes to the internet universe, I wonder whether my tech dreams are being realised. This month I’ve gone all-out with new technology and have used Traktor combined with a new Vestax VCM-100 Midi controller. I’m not turning my back on vinyl – NO WAY JOSE. Virtual Mixing with Traktor, however, allows me to air my beatport collection and allows for a different type of DJ creativity with nice tight mixes and lots of creative looping… Stick with the Spaceman Wez G as he delivers some hard-hitting funk using the most up to date weapons systems known to the DJ World.


  1. Spirit Catcher – Secret Stranger feat Ilija Rudman (Original Mix)
  2. Milkwish – Hola Hola (Sheehan & Clausen Remix)
  3. Alan Fitzpatrick – Green Light (Original Mix)
  4. Fergie – Maktub (Original Mix)
  5. Uner – Labaneria (Coyu & Edu Imbernon Remix)
  6. Rob Mirage & DJ Chus – Back 2 NY (Original Stereo Mix)
  7. Patrick M – Paulis (Original Mix)
  8. Mendo – Everybody I Got Him (2009 Mix)
  9. Passenger 10 – Millenium Balls (Club Mix)
  10. Lance Blaise & Rod B – Faaktree (Original Mix)
  11. DJ PP – Incognito (Original Mix)
  12. The Black Project – In The Disco (Original Mix)
  13. Paul Gardner & Hugh Gunnell – Come Get My Lovin feat Marcella Woods (Plastik Funk Remix)
  14. Marco Bailey – Watergate (Aalberg Angstrom Remix)
  15. Jerome Isma-Ae, Chris Reece & EDX – Ready to Go (Helvetic Nerds Remix)
  16. EDX – Party of Politics (Original Club Mix)


Wez G – Spaceman Funk by Wezg on Mixcloud

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