Tricia Lee Kelshall

I’m a twitter addict these days. I just happened to start sharing tweets earlier with a vinylk addict in Houston, Texas, which is where, incidentally, Shuffle Artist Management‘s Tricia Lee Kelshall is based. Tricia is back on the map after I’ve been out of contact with her. I spoke to her last week and we have set up some new projects where she’ll be working with some leading house music producers on some new collaberations…

In the tweet I sent out to my new American friend I linked him up to the video of Tricia’s biggest career hit, Way Out West – Mindcircus. It’s been a while sincE I last heard it and I was so impressed I thought I’d write out a Tricia blog with a nice YouTube link for you all to see….

Great, isn’t it?

Tricia released a new single at the end of last year with talented US Producer, Victor Imbres. Click on ‘Feel That‘ to go to itunes and purchase it. The itunes link for Mindcircus can be obtained by clicking that too.

I promise to keep you informed on Tricia’s future work. As I’m sure you’ll agree she’s a very talented vocalist. You can surf to her myspace here or also visit her official websitetr.

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