Wez G Traktor DJ Sets


I am passionate about vinyl. It is the ideal DJ format. It is the media by which DJing first came to life. I made vows to always stick by it. Swore an oath to Enzo @ http://plastic-music.co.uk where I buy my vinyl never to ‘go digital’ – but as in Terminator, the dance music world has witnessed the rise of the machine and we live in a digital age… I started spinning the odd tune with Traktor to incorporate some stuff in my sets which was unreleased on black plastic. I then decided to give Traktor a proper whirl and invested in some MIDI equipment. It is like learning to DJ all over again. People say it’s cheating and yes, software will auto synch beats for you – but beatmatching is not something I have a real problem with anyway. The fundamentals of DJing remain the same: Good selection of music, flow of tunes, hitting the right mixpoints – it’s still all about timing and digital or vinyl that needs to be precise, beats matching or not… Anyway – for the past year or so I’ve been beatporting and traktoring… So here are the sets. I’m not dead to vinyl and still pick up the odd bit… I think live vinyl performances are better for the mind, body and spirit… I am also in the longwinded and tiresome process of converting a much cherished record collection to digital wav.


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