Defending Against Cyber Attacks

I have had a long academic relationship with Cardiff University which is the best ‘local’ university here in Wales. For over 15 years I’ve been honing my foreign language skills at this centre for academic excellence with being a product of that work.

I had been advised that the University of South Wales down in Pontypridd was the place to go for cybersecurity studies. I wondered what was going on at Cardiff University itself. I still attend events at Cardiff University where possible and this came up in my notifications: A webinar on ‘Defending Against Cyber Attacks’ – I thought I’d check it out and was suitably impressed by the broadcast which is aimed at the general members of the public as well as to a specialist cybersecurity industry audience.

Apparently the Centre for Cyber Security Research at Cardiff University is leading the way among British Universities as a recognised centre of excellence for the new digital revolution that our country is embracing for the future.

Luckily after the webinar Cardiff University sent me this youtube link in case I wanted to watch again and I thought I’d post it up on Four Four Cyber. I look forward to engaging more in the future with Cardiff University.

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