Empire Avenue – The Social Media Stockmarket

Empire AvenueI came across this site in a social media blog post the other day. It sounds a bit wacky and farfetched, the social media stockmarket… But having just started up #BinaryOptions trading at KrakatoaTrade , I’m well keen on stock exchanges at the moment. As a complete social media junkie, this Empire Avenue site seemed perfect. I signed up straight away. The basic account is free. It links up many of your social networks to give you a score and keep track on your activity there.  The currency of Empire Avenue is eaves. It is a pretend currency and has no retail value so you won’t be becoming a millionaire overnight. You get a mass of eaves to kick you off and with this cash you can buy stock in other users. Everyone’s stock price is different. At first, I didn’t think much of the stock market system. The site is to help you get on with social media, just as much as it is about trading. However, as soon as I got my first few investors I got hooked. When someone purchases shares in you, a lump sum of eaves is deposited into your account. Your share value increases, and more often than not, the investor leaves a shoutout for you on your profile. I started using my extra eaves to invest back a little in others. It’s great builiding up a portfolio of people you’ve invested in. Every day you get a dividend on your investments so it’s all worthwhile. What else do Eaves do? You can assign missions for others to help you out on the social networks. Retweeting maybe, liking a facebook post, reading your blog, sharing something, whatever. You create the mission and pay people in eaves for completing it. By doing missions yourself, you also gain extra eaves. Also, there is a community section which is really decent. I quickly signed up to the DJ group and started posting all my usual DJ mix websites and links in there. There are communities for lots of special interests. I couldn’t find a Soundcloud or Mixcloud community so I set them both up myself. These will hopefully draw in more people into the Wez G listenership.

After a couple of days on the site, I’m ranking in the top 10 of site newbies. I have over 200 investors and a portfolio of over 160 different people. The good news is that action has increased on all my social networks as a result and traffic shot up on my main websites too. It really does deliver, Empire Avenue . I’ve decided I’m going to upgrade my account soon to a Bronze package which for a small monthly fee gives you a load of benefits. This site is highly addictive, fun and a valuable social media resource. My username is WEZG there and I hope you sign up and invest in me. You can signup to Empire Avenue here: http://empireavenue.com


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