Gerrard The Red – An Introduction

Hi – My name is Wesley Gerrard and I’m an avid Liverpool Fan and have been all my life. My father’s family are originally from Liverpool and I’ve been a fan of the Mighty Reds from birth. I’m currently 35 years old. The greatest moment in my life was in the Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul in May 2005 when I witnessed firsthand my namesake, club captain, Steven Gerrard, lifting the European Cup after a hectic victory against AC Milan. On my return from Istanbul, I wrote up an account of the game and my travels and turned it into a website. Hungary For Turkey has proven a popular site with supporters and I really enjoyed writing it. I decided that I would like to turn my hand to writing about Liverpool FC more regularly so I decided to set up a blog. This is and I aim to cover all things LFC and truly embed myself in the LFC family on the internet. It is September 2013 and after three games in the new season, Liverpool are top of the league with 3 clean sheets and 9 points out of nine. I think it’s the right time to do something positive as I feel good about the future at our club, perhaps as I did at the start of the 2005 season. I hope the journey goes well and that is a success. YNWA

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