Hexstatic – Master View – Album Review

I don’t have huge knowledge of Ninja Tune music – in general it’s all very good, if it might somewhat appeal to the musically snobbish….

Hexstatic stand out above the crowd.., enough to spur me to write this article… I read from their last.fm page that they were ‘electro’ which put me off – but think not cheesy hands in your air stuff – more towards the better end of Daft Punk, with some nice mellow breaks added. It has elements of funk with some lovely samples…

This album, Master View, flows nicely and is very listenable. I’d say the music would work on a dancefloor but to me it’s more geared to chilling in the home…By the time you reach ‘Perfect Bird’ on the album you might be expecting an album of trip-hop like breaks and electro… This track really stands out, however, and in my eyes is the best song on the album… At this point, I decided to take note of Hexstatic as artists…The vocals on Perfect Bird are sweet… Lovely chilled melodies and certainly, from a DJ’s point of view, a very playable track, especially with summer coming up.

I’d give the album a solid 8.5/10 … It is a good piece of music and I endorse it. Go out and buy it!



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